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Leader Healthcare Partnership

Updated: Mar 13

BlueRoom proudly showcased our mixed reality platform at two key UAE conferences, Arab Health and the International Search and Rescue Exhibition, in partnership with Leader Healthcare. This collaboration spotlighted BlueRoom amidst the latest in healthcare technology.

A Landmark Collaboration:

At Arab Health and the International Search and Rescue Exhibition, attendees experienced BlueRoom firsthand, thanks to Leader Healthcare. These events marked a significant moment for us, demonstrating BlueRoom's capabilities alongside Leader Healthcare's extensive portfolio of innovative medical solutions.

Experiencing BlueRoom:

The conferences offered a unique opportunity for professionals to dive into BlueRoom's immersive training environments. The live demonstrations highlighted how mixed reality can enhance training for emergency and medical personnel, offering a glimpse into the future of simulation-based learning.


Our participation in these UAE conferences, supported by Leader Healthcare, was a resounding success. We're excited about the future possibilities this partnership opens up for advancing training technologies in the region.

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