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Our Mission

To empower people with vital skills to navigate critical situations.

Co-founders of Real Response

Our Story

Our journey at Real Response began in 2009 as Ben Krynski founded Phoenix First Aid in his parent's garage. In 2010, Motti Blum joined as co-founder, shaping our direction. Over four years, we offered traditional first aid courses, laying the foundation.


In 2014, we recognized the need for immersive first aid training, giving rise to Real First Aid. This innovative approach integrated simulations with props, role-play, and authenticity, setting us apart.

Since 2020, we've expanded into Serious Games, delving into virtual and mixed reality. BlueRoom is the crown achievement of this pioneering division, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge, immersive training.

BlueRoom Team

Our success is a credit to our incredibly high-achieving and passionate team. From first responders to Virtual Reality developers, we lead the way in creating new and innovative methods to deliver crucial training to Australians.

Our Values


We imagine things done better

Through innovation and creativity, we never stop looking for ways to improve.


We are real

We provide real training for real situations. What you see is what you get.


We respect our limitations

We focus on what we’re good at, whilst also being open to asking for help in areas we need to improve.


We strive to be empathetic

We put ourselves into the shoes of others and are always open to different perspectives.


We take responsibility

We know that if we do our job properly we can have a tremendous impact on the world.

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