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Genesis of BlueRoom

The BlueRoom story began in 2014 with the founding of our parent company, Real Response. As a leading Australian Simulation Training company, Real Response delivers live emergency response courses to tens of thousands of students annually.


Recognising that certain training outcomes were either unattainable or unrealistic through live training alone, our team, comprised of clinicians and educators, turned to synthetic training technologies to bridge these gaps. In 2017, we released our first mobile Virtual Reality (VR) app, followed by a Mass Casualty VR training programme in 2018.


Then, in 2020, inspired by the impact and potential of synthetic simulation technologies, Real Response established an internal 'Serious Games' development team, centralising all development and creative design in-house.

Our Mission

To empower people with vital skills to navigate critical situations.

Our defining moment arrived in 2021 when we secured a contract with the Australian Defence Innovation Hub to develop a Mixed Reality (MR) simulator for Australian Defence Force (ADF) medics. Delivered in November 2022, this MR demonstrator effectively addressed the challenge of accessing airframes and combat zones for medical training, affirming the significance of MR in our technological suite and leading to the creation of the BlueRoom brand.


Today, BlueRoom is more than a product; it's a globally recognised hallmark of innovation, addressing the critical needs of end-users. Looking forward, our dedication to expanding the applications of the BlueRoom MR simulator is unwavering. We are committed to empowering individuals to confidently navigate critical situations, utilising BlueRoom at the intersection of fine motor skills, decision-making, and challenging environments.

BlueRoom Team

Our staff are the heart of Real Response, combining their passion with expertise to push the boundaries of the art . This dynamic group, led by visionary executives, includes talented developers and artists who bring our immersive training scenarios to life with cutting-edge technology and creativity. Together, they foster a culture of innovation and dedication, ensuring that every project not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and realism.


Our advisory team is a distinguished group of experts, each bringing a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge to our mission. Their diverse backgrounds in defence, international law and medicine provide invaluable insights, driving our commitment to excellence and leadership in the industry.

Our Values


We imagine things done better

Through innovation and creativity, we never stop looking for ways to improve.


We are real

We provide real training for real situations. What you see is what you get.


We respect our limitations

We focus on what we’re good at, whilst also being open to asking for help in areas we need to improve.


We strive to be empathetic

We put ourselves into the shoes of others and are always open to different perspectives.


We take responsibility

We know that if we do our job properly we can have a tremendous impact on the world.

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