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Dive Into the New Age of Simulation


BlueRoom® is a patent-pending, state-of-the-art mixed reality (MR) simulation platform developed by Real Response. Unlike virtual reality (VR), BlueRoom eliminates the need for controllers and allows trainees to enter a virtual environment where they can interact with real-world objects and practise physical and fine motor skills.

The BlueRoom platform utilises the latest MR headset technology, the Varjo XR3, which provides a highly realistic and immersive experience for the trainee. The Varjo XR3 features a high-resolution display, a wide field of view, and advanced hand-tracking capabilities, allowing trainees to interact with the environment naturally and intuitively.

One of the critical advantages of BlueRoom is its ability to simulate high-value, difficult-to-access scenarios at a fraction of the cost. For example, medics can insert an IV and draw up drugs in the back of a C130J Hercules as they fly across the Pacific Ocean or insert a chest tube as they prepare to take off with a patient in the back of a Blackhawk UH-60.

With BlueRoom, the possibilities for simulation are endless.

Real Response created the BlueRoom platform with support from the Defence Innovation Hub. This organisation invests in innovative technologies to enhance sovereign Defence capabilities and promote growth in the Australian defence industry and innovation sector.


BlueRoom Mission Control Facilitator App

The BlueRoom platform also includes a powerful facilitator application called Mission Control, which allows trainers to monitor and manipulate the virtual environment in real-time.

The application features an intuitive interface where trainers can control the virtual environment, such as changing the lighting, location, time of day, surroundings, and the patient’s condition, to create a realistic and immersive experience for the trainee.

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Mission Control extends its capabilities even further by seamlessly integrating with real-world live simulations, effectively blurring the boundaries between virtual and reality. By controlling video feeds and activating environmental factors such as lights, sounds, and special effects, Mission Control elevates the authenticity of the simulation, offering trainers a versatile palette to craft a wide spectrum of scenarios.


Whether simulating high-stress emergencies or routine procedures, Mission Control empowers trainers to curate the simulation landscape, providing an efficient and impactful approach to preparing trainees for real-world challenges.

Biometric Integration

Our mission is to transform training through cutting-edge solutions that emphasize safety and authenticity. Our distinctive biometric integration differentiates us from traditional methods by incorporating physiological data into simulations, crafting unique and dynamic experiences for each participant.

Through Mission Control, synced with a Garmin watch worn by trainees, we provide biometric feedback like stress levels, enabling trainers to tailor simulation difficulty. Furthermore, we're currently experimenting with AI technology to recognize and log participant-used equipment and interventions, equipping trainers with comprehensive data on trainee performance and avenues for growth.

Versatile Configuration Options

The platform is highly versatile and can be configured to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Its basic configuration requires only two chroma-keyed walls and a floor, making it easy to set up in any space. Moreover, BlueRoom’s portable design allows it to be deployed quickly and easily. Its small form factor means it can fit into a 20-foot air-conditioned shipping container, making it ideal for organisations requiring training on the move or in remote locations.

What truly sets BlueRoom apart is its ability to integrate seamlessly with physical, real-world equipment such as IV pumps, control panels, or any other necessary apparatus, providing trainees with a truly immersive training experience.


Multiuser Experience

Real Response is currently developing a multiuser mode for the BlueRoom platform, allowing up to four trainees to participate simultaneously in the same virtual environment. This new feature would provide unparalleled collaboration and interaction, allowing trainees to work together to tackle complex scenarios in a highly realistic setting.

The addition of multiplayer functionality would enhance the already impressive capabilities of the BlueRoom system, further cementing its position as a leading solution for immersive training experiences. With its highly configurable design and ability to incorporate physical equipment, the BlueRoom system is ideal for military and civilian organisations looking to provide their personnel with effective and engaging training opportunities.

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