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Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Training Under Fire

The best form of training is real-world experience; the second best form is high-fidelity live simulation. When training warfighters to render care under fire, options one and two are either unrealistic/too dangerous or logistically challenging, leading to difficulty accessing live training.


Secondly, TCCC requires the student to practice fine motor skills, inserting IV's, IO's and using their weapon system in protection of themselves and their brothers/sisters in arms.


This is where BlueRoom MR Simulator excels, the juncture between fine motor skills, decision making and hard-to-access locations.



Training In Multiple

As a reconfigurable simulator, BlueRoom TCCC allows instructors to change the real-world location the student is fighting into any theatre of war from the Arctic to desert, jungle and urban.


Real-world locations may be entered, including custom environments for specific mission rehearsals.


Different evacuation methods may be practised, such as from a UH-60, Bushmaster or Boxer Ambulance.

Training Hard Skills

Seamlessly moving between using a weapon system and applying a tourniquet. Practising fine motor skills and decision-making individually or as part of a team.

Practising the different stages of care from hot, warm and cold zones all within a single reconfigurable simulator.

The ability for an instructor to control the battlefield and adjust the scenario based on the intended learning objectives.

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