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 Aeromedical Training

Unparalleled Access to Virtual Airframes

Forget the logistical headaches and skyrocketing costs of organising real training flights. With BlueRoom, you gain unparalleled access to various airframes at your fingertips.

Train when you want, where you want, and as long as you want. It's the freedom you've always needed, coupled with the realism you've never thought possible.

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Cost-Efficient and Compact

Why invest in bulky, expensive fuselage sections that take up building-sized spaces when you can achieve top-tier training in just one room? BlueRoom offers you the same high-quality training experience at a fraction of the cost.

It's your cost-effective, space-saving solution for world-class aeromedical training.


Versatile Airframe Configurations

Train for the unexpected with ease. With a touch of a button, switch between different airframe configurations and load-outs to simulate various scenarios.


And it's not just for aeromedical crews—BlueRoom's versatility extends to other fields, from emergency response to aviation manufacturing, offering unparalleled training opportunities.

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