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New US Showroom now at Bloodstone Division - Tampa, FL

BlueRoom is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Bloodstone Division, a veteran-led organisation renowned for its innovative medical solutions and commitment to enhancing the capabilities of warfighter medics and EMS providers. This collaboration marks a significant step in expanding our presence, with a new showroom location available in Tampa, Florida.

A Synergy of Innovation and Experience: Bloodstone Division, with its rich history and deep roots in tactical medical care, brings a wealth of experience and a modular design philosophy to this partnership. Their expertise in designing, procuring, and assembling medical sets, kits, and modules perfectly complements BlueRoom's innovative approach to training and simulation.

Showroom in Tampa: A Hub for Mixed Reality Training: The showroom in Tampa will offer a hands-on experience of our advanced training solutions. This facility will serve as a hub for demonstrating how mixed reality can transform tactical medical training, providing immersive and realistic scenarios for trainees.

Bloodstone Division's Legacy and Vision: Founded by Dave Spence, a former SF Medic, Bloodstone Division is inspired by the ancient symbol of courage and protection. Their mission to make a difference in the field of tactical evacuation and point of injury care aligns with BlueRooms's goal of enhancing training realism and effectiveness.

We look forward to this fruitful collaboration with Bloodstone Division, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in tactical medical training. Stay tuned for more updates on our Tampa showroom and the exciting opportunities this partnership brings.

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