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XR Tech We're Excited About!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The Evolution of Virtual Reality: A Glimpse into the Future of Mixed Reality Training

Virtual reality (VR) is far from a novel concept. It has been a part of the technological landscape for decades, but it's only in recent years that we've seen significant strides in its application, particularly in training. When Real Response first delved into VR, it was a valuable tool for decision-making. However, the rapid advances in mixed reality (MR) technology have transformed it into a game-changer for hands-on training.

Our journey with the Varjo XR-3 and its subsequent Focal Edition has been nothing short of revolutionary. These devices have allowed BlueRoom to flourish, moving training beyond mere decision-making into tangible practise. The ability to use hands instead of controllers has brought an unprecedented level of realism to our simulations.

The Meta Quest 3, launching on 27 September 2023, offers a resolution of 2,064 x 2,208 per eye and a 120Hz refresh rate. Running on Android and priced at $499, it's designed for immersive VR gaming with ergonomic controllers and haptic feedback. Its hand control capability aligns with our vision of realistic training, and its affordability makes it an attractive option for broader applications.

Key Features We Look Forward To:

  • Controller-free hand interaction

  • High refresh rate for immersive experience

  • Low price tag

Slated for release in early 2024, the Apple Vision Pro is a premium device starting at $3,499. With 4K resolution per eye and a 90Hz refresh rate, it promises a truly immersive experience. Its compatibility with iOS and macOS apps, along with a virtual keyboard and PS5 DualSense controller support, offers broad utility.

Key Features We Look Forward To:

  • Eye, hand, and voice control

  • Dual micro OLED displays for AR mode

  • Compatibility with iOS and macOS applications

Conclusion: The Future with Varjo and Beyond

While we are not looking to move away from Varjo, our commitment to quality and realism in training keeps us excited about trying the latest technology. Both the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro present intriguing possibilities for enhancing our BlueRoom simulations. Their controller-free interactions and high-end specifications align with our goals, and we eagerly anticipate exploring their potential in the civilian sector and beyond.

At Real Response, we believe in embracing innovation without losing sight of our core values. The future of mixed reality is here, and we are at the forefront, ready to empower people to navigate critical situations with confidence and skill.

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