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East European Village

Designed for our TCCC module, this environment meticulously replicates the intensity of a war-torn East European village. From burnt-out structures to defensive barricades and authentic village layouts, trainees are fully immersed in the complexities and challenges of real-world combat scenarios.

Video TCCC and US Army Medics

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About BlueRoom

BlueRoom, a pioneering Mixed Reality Simulator from Real Response, offers immersive and hands-on fine motor training experiences in detailed virtual environments. Its unique multiplayer capability enhances collaborative learning, making it ideal for preparing for complex and hard-to-access scenarios.

Central to BlueRoom's innovation is our Mission Control system and award-winning biometric technology. These cutting-edge features empower trainers to monitor and dynamically adjust scenarios in real time, ensuring each training session is precisely tailored to the trainees' needs.

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