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Transforming Learning with Immersive Realities.

Why BlueRoom

 Powered by the latest VR and MR advancements, our experts craft interactive learning that enhances skills in military, medical, and industrial domains. BlueRoom's XR integration reshapes simulations, enabling affordable environment replication. Biometrics and AI amplify personalized feedback, and XR's scalability ensures versatile training. A vital tool, BlueRoom readies first responders and professionals effectively to conquer real-world challenges.

Fine motor skills

Refines fine motor skills via hands-free mixed reality training that offers superior skill development over traditional VR.


The optimal choice for scalable immersive training scenarios, enabling efficient replication of diverse environments through mixed reality, fostering skill development and learning at any level.

Hard-to-access environments

Solves the challenge of training in hard-to-access environments, offering immersive simulations that transcend physical limitations ensuring highly effective training.

Competitive acquisition costs 

Mixed Reality technology offers lower acquisition costs compared to conventional simulation-based approaches.


Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), BlueRoom offers a hands-on experience, allowing trainees to interact with real-world objects.

The Varjo XR3 headset provides lifelike immersion, intuitive hand-tracking, and dynamic environment manipulation, fostering versatile training experiences. Supported by the Defence Innovation Hub, BlueRoom enhances defence capabilities and innovation in Australia.

About Real Response

We are a team of passionate, skilled and experienced first-responders, educators and software developers who leverage cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional outcomes through both live and synthetic simulation technologies. Real Response is a world-leading and award winning company who have trained tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the world through some of the most engaging and realistic training available.


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Are You Ready to Experience the Future?

Witnss the transformation of your training with a firsthand look at BlueRoom's cutting-edge immersive technology. Encounter heightened interactivity, personalized experience, live biometric feedback, and adaptable scalability that BlueRoom offers, all geared towards preparing your team to excel in real-world challenges.

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