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AgustaWestland AW139

Optimized for civilian SAR and HEMS operations, our meticulously crafted AW139 model embodies both the internal and external details essential for unparalleled realism. This attention to detail ensures genuine trainee engagement and heightened immersion in training scenarios.

Video W139 Mixed Reality Cabin Flythrough

image (4).png
AW139_stills_4 (1).jpg
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 9.14.20 am.png
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About BlueRoom

BlueRoom, a pioneering Mixed Reality Simulator from Real Response, offers immersive and hands-on fine motor training experiences in detailed virtual environments. Its unique multiplayer capability enhances collaborative learning, making it ideal for preparing for complex and hard-to-access scenarios.

Central to BlueRoom's innovation is our Mission Control system and award-winning biometric technology. These cutting-edge features empower trainers to monitor and dynamically adjust scenarios in real time, ensuring each training session is precisely tailored to the trainees' needs.

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